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藉助『程式』邁向網路自動賺錢術(Auto Rich -自富課程):

Monthly Archives: 一月 2012

【Android 數據資料恢復】Wondershare Andriod Recovery

【Android 數據資料恢復】Wondershare Andriod Recovery

Android 數據資料被誤刪除該怎麼辦?
這款 Android資料恢復可以恢復生成您的手機或其他裝置轉讓的任何照片與視訊,以及音樂,檔案,檔案,以及您的Android手機裡面的SD卡存儲。

Wondershare Andriod Recovery

Here are some key features:
– Find back deleted or formatted photos, video, audio files from Android
– Recover lost documents and archives stored on Android phones
– Works with all Android phone models
– Connect Android phone directly with a USB cable, including all android phones such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.
– One click to scan all lost data like photos, videos, audio files, etc.
– All recoverable files are categorized well in file types.
– Preview photos in original quality.
– Check videos, music and other files by file types.
– Click to recover files one at a time or in batch.
– Get back photos & videos shot with your Android phone or imported from others.
– Recover all other files as music, documents, archives stored on your Android phone.

【Android 數據資料恢復】Wondershare Andriod Recovery官方網站:      文章版權所有‧非授權不得轉貼      【網路自動賺錢術】教學密訓基地