The Dangerous Kitchen(危險的廚房)

The Dangerous Kitchen(危險的廚房)

Scene 1 (看漫畫學英語、美語)
Captain Cat always reminds Kitty Cutey the importance of safety.
“ Remember, there are two dangerous places in the house.
One is the kitchen and the other one is the bathroom.”

Captain Cat常常告訴Kitty Cutey有關安全的重要性。
一個是廚房,另一種是浴室。 ”


Scene 2 (看漫畫學英語、美語)
Captain Cat is napping in the afternoon as usual.
Kitty Cutey’s been thinking about what Captain Cat said regarding the safety of the house.
“ I’ve got a good idea.” Kitty Cutey says to himself.

Captain Cat和往常一樣再下午時間午睡。
Kitty Cutey一直想著Captain Cat所說有關房子的安全。
“ 我有一個好主意。 ” Kitty Cutey對自己說。


Scene 3 (看漫畫學英語、美語)
He starts moving things from the kitchen to the bedroom.
Pots and pans, woks as well.


It doesn’t take long for Kitty Cutey to move all the stuff in the kitchen to where Captain Cat sleeps.

不多久,Kitty Cutey就把所有的東西從廚房搬到Captain Cat睡覺的地方。


Scene 4  (看漫畫學英語、美語)
“ Ching, Kon, Chong...”


Scene 5  (看漫畫學英語、美語)
“ What is that noise about?” Captain Cat’s awoken by the noise.
Captain Cat opens his eyes,
and he is very surprised to see what Kitty Cutey has brought to the bedroom.

“什麼噪音呢? ” Captain Cat被噪音吵醒。
Captain Cat睜開他的眼睛,他非常驚訝地看到Kitty Cutey帶了許多東西到臥室。


Scene 6  (看漫畫學英語、美語)

“ Hey, young man, what’s going on?” asks Captain Cat.
“ I just did what you want me to do.” Answers Kitty Cutey.
“ What? Did I ever tell you to move kitchen stuff to the bedroom?”
“ Here, it says’ The most dangerous place, where most accidents happen is the kitchen.” Said Kitty Cutey.
“ We’re going to cook in a safe place tonight.”
Captain Cat is speechless.

“嘿,年輕人,這是怎麼回事? ” Captain Cat問。
“我只是做了你要我做的事。 ” Kitty Cutey回答。
“什麼?我什麼時候告訴你把廚房的東西搬到臥室? “
“上面說'最危險的地方,也是多數意外發生的地方是廚房。 ” Kitty Cutey說。
“今晚我們將在一個安全的地方做飯。 ” Kitty Cutey說。
 Captain Cat啞口無言。


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