Life Balloon(生命的氣球)

Life Balloon(生命的氣球)

By playing the melody of your heart, you keep your life balloon full and light.

Scene 1英語學習20100

Dannie was lying on the ground, feeling discouraged.
Here came his beloved friend, Dee Dee Doo.

Dannie 很喪氣的躺在地板上。
他的親愛的好友Dee Dee Doo來到他身邊。

Scene 2英語學習20200

“ Hi Dannie, you look unhappy.
What’s the matter?” Said Dee Dee Doo.
“ Well, nothing’s really serious, I just feel down.” Said Dannie.
“ Oh, poor Dannie, tell me what’s happening?” Said Dee Dee Doo.

『Dannie,你看起來很不開心,是怎麼啦?』Dee Dee Doo說。

Scene 3英語學習20300

Dannie sighed. “ Diane said she had to go a friend’s party, so she’s not going to have a date with me, as usual.”
“ So? “ Said Dee Dee Doo.

Dannie嘆了口氣說『Diane 她要去參加一個朋友的派對,所以又和往常一樣拒絕和我約會。』
『那又如何呢?』Dee Dee Doo說。

Scene 4英語學習20400

“ On the way back from the market, I slipped and lost some of the grain on my back. Mr. Green was not happy about that.” Said Dannie.
“ I am sorry about that. “

『從市場回家的路上,我摔了一跤,損失了一些穀物,Green 先生不是很高興。』
『那真是不幸啊!』Dee Dee Doo說。

Scene 5英語學習205-100,205-200

“ Not only that, I got a bad cold after this trip.”
“ Woe to me, poor Dannie.” Said Dannie and he started to cry.


Scene 6英語學習206-100, 206-200

“ My dear friend, you know what?”
“ Life is like a balloon. The air causes pressure to the balloon naturely.” Said Dee Dee Doo.
“ If you don’t constantly fill the balloon with more air, it goes flat naturely little by little.”

Dee Dee Doo說『我親愛的朋友,你知道嗎?』

Scene 7英語學習20700

“ But the good news is: by playing the melody of your heart, you keep the balloon full and pretty “,
“ by singing to yourself, by having a grateful heart, the balloon will have more air inside than outside. “
“ That’s the easy way to keep the Life Balloon full and light.”


Scene 8英語學習20800

“ Really? Then I’ll start to sing right away.”
“ Laaaaah, haha ha ha ha...”
“Dannie, don’t make too big a noise. It’s twelve o’clock at night already.”


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