Odie and His Mirror (Odie 和他的鏡子 )

Odie and His Mirror (Odie 和他的鏡子 )

Scene 1 odie20100 團團圓圓學英文
Odie got up in the morning, not feeling excited about the day.
“ Hi, Odie, I am the mirror of your inner being.”
“ You don’t look happy today. ” Says the mirror.



Scene 2 odie20201  odie20202 團團圓圓學英文
“ Do I? ”
“ Do you think I look like a coward?”
Odie felt down when he thought about what happened yesterday.



Scene 3 odie20300 團團圓圓學英文
“ Of course not.” Said the mirror.
“ Think about this, Odie! When you are running in the neighborhood, you’re like a flying eagle.”
“ Am I?” Said Odie
“ You surely are.” Answered the mirror.



Scene 4  odie20400 團團圓圓學英文
 “ And when you are guarding the house, you’re just as brave as a tiger.”
“ Really?” Said Odie.
Odie felt much better now.



Scene 5  odie20500 團團圓圓學英文
 “ And, actually, you’re such a faithful and diligent dog.
I don’t know what would Mr. Black do without you!”
“ Mr. Black really loves me.” Said Odie.



Scene 6 odie20600 團團圓圓學英文
“ A strong tiger, a dignified eagle, a faithful dog, that’s who I am.”
Odie felt better and better as he’s thinking about all the goodness of his nature.
“ I’m ready for my day,! Bye, Mirror!”


Scene 7
“ Good boy, Odie!”
“ It doesn’t matter what people think about you.” Said the mirror.
“ But it is very important what you think about yourself.”
“ Always remember, what you see yourself is the one will be!”

“ Thanks, Mirror! I’ll remember that. Have a good day.”
“ You, too! Odie!”


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